Version v1.20 is here!

HisWord™ Palmtop Bible v1.20

Copyright 1996-1997 by Tom Hoover
All Rights Reserved

HisWord™ Overview

System Requirements

Download HisWord™ Palmtop Bible v1.20.

Read the FAQ file.

Online Bible datafiles for use with the Online Bible and HisWord™ Palmtop Bible

Since the DOS versions of the OLB datafiles are becoming difficult to find, you may wish to download the following files. Each has already been “installed” by the OLB, and should be extracted using pkunzip’s directory switch (e.g. pkunzip -d *.zip) to maintain the directory structure. The extracted directory may then be copied directly to your palmtop.

HisWord™ Palmtop Bible is a work in progress. I will accept suggestions for improvements, etc. The following are currently on the "to-do" list: